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Who better than your own friend, own contact, to speak about a product. Uknow is an app that allows you to communicate with genuine buyers of a product. You can see who all have bought a product, the deals they availed and you can even chat about the product with them. These are real people you know, either closely or in extended circles. They are not paid influencers. They are people like you who avail a deal through the Uknow App. This is the app’s USP.

For users/consumers, it allows them to see discounts of multiple brands/shops in 1 app and interact with genuine purchasers/friends.

Furthermore, each time a consumer completes a purchase through the Uknow app, they are rewarded with points that can be accumulated and used for various benefits. The best part of the Uknow app is, the consumer, i.e. the app user has to do nothing at all for all this to happen, they don’t have to click any pictures, they don’t have to share any links and they don’t even have to provide reviews. The details of their purchase are shared instantly and automatically with friends through the app once they avail the discount through the Uknow app. The app also features a chat option and purchase history. Chat allows genuine purchasers to chat/discuss products with each other. Chat can only be initiated if a genuine purchase is made.

Uknow App is the solution that completely eliminates the problem of fake reviews/influencers for consumers.

  • Uknow never lets the excitement wean off.
  • Uknow gives a seamless experience through it's proper amalgamation of offline and online market places.
  • Wether the user wants to shop ftom the comfort of his home or during an evening stroll in the local market, uknow chips in and doubles the fun and excitement.
  • The users can avail both offline and online deals. Both ways the user avails points alongwith great discounts.
  • Get great discounts/deals
  • Get rewarded each time a discount/deal is availed from Uknow.
  • User can track where friends eat, what they buy, where they travel to, all at one place
  • User can discuss a deal bought by a friend and clear doubts before buying it themselves through instant chat.

Each time a friend uses the same discount a user has used, the user will benefit.

Uknow App is the solution that completely eliminates the problem of fake reviews/influencers for consumers.

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