Essential Steps for Properly Maintaining Your Party Wear Lehenga.


Essential Steps for Properly Maintaining Your Party Wear Lehenga.


Lehenga choli has become a very fashionable ethnic attire. People who enjoy wearing fashionable Indian attire love the sophisticated appearance and excellent fit of this attire. Party wear lehenga can be worn on many special occasions and has a distinctly Indian style. This ensemble, which consists of a flowing scarf called a dupatta, a fitting top called a choli, and a long skirt called a lehenga, enhances the beauty and appeal of women with various body shapes. Apart from this, it is quite easy and comfortable to wear. Every woman likes to wear lehenga-choli. But keeping them in good condition is just as important as ensuring your clothes look brand new for years to come. These are some tips that you should try if you are not sure how to keep them looking brand new.

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Advice on how to maintain your bridal lehenga

Bridal Lehenga: A Timeless Indian Garment for Weddings and Beyond – Nameera  by Farooq

We will discuss some practical and useful storage methods and techniques in this amazing guide to ensure that your party lehenga, bridal Indian lehenga, and Banarasi lehenga, no matter what type of lehenga it is, looks as good as it does. You wore it that day.

Repair torn clothes

Before storing your lehenga, check it carefully for any tears or loose threads. To prevent further damage, these problems must be corrected. To repair any tears and secure loose stitches, take it to a reputable tailor or tailor who specializes in delicate textiles.

Check for stains on your wedding lehenga

Stains can appear even on beautiful days like your wedding and party. Before storing your lehenga, make sure it is immaculate. Check the care instructions on the tag that came with your lehenga or hire a professional dry cleaner to help remove stains.

Smooth out wrinkles

Before storing your lehenga in a box, smooth out wrinkles so that it looks flawless. To gently remove creases, use a low-heat steamer or iron. Always remember to test the heat on a small, separate part of the fabric before proceeding just to be safe.

Fold it correctly

Folding your lehenga correctly is the key to maintaining its shape and preventing ugly wrinkles. First of all, spread it straight on a clean surface like a bed, then fold it according to the natural lines of the lehenga. Take care with any delicate embellishments and use tissue paper or butter paper between the folds to maintain fine details.

Add potpourri or neem leaves

To keep your bridal Indian lehenga fresh and odor-free, keep a natural remedy like potpourri or neem leaves in the storage room. Neem leaves are believed to repel insects, and the potpourri adds a beautiful aroma to your storage area.

Keep your lehenga in a cool, dark place:

Dark Red Lehenga Choli In Raw Silk Fabric – Tirumala Designers

Your lehenga needs a cool, dark place to keep it beautiful and safe. Select a storage location, such as a store room or cabinet, that is protected from direct sunlight and temperature fluctuations. Avoid using plastic bags as they can absorb moisture and damage clothes.

Air out your lingerie every six months

To keep your lingerie fresh and prevent it from smelling, take it out of storage every six months and let it air out. Hang it in an airy place for a few hours to refresh the clothes and maintain air circulation.

Lehenga Box Location

7 Ways To Store Your Bridal Lehenga Post Wedding | WeddingBazaar

If your lehenga is in a box then pay attention to where you keep it. Remember that placing heavy objects on top of the box may tear or destroy your precious underwear. It should be stored in a designated area away from frequent disturbances or jostling.

Use naphthalene balls

After placing the box, put naphthalene balls in it. These balls are to prevent any kind of fungus from growing inside the Banarasi Lehenga. These balls are another source of offensive odor. Due to moisture or other reasons, lehenga often starts smelling.

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In a word, preserving and taking care of your party wear lehenga is a priority to keep it beautiful and in good shape as time passes. Get your lehenga looking fresh by following the steps outlined in this article and repairing any rips, inspecting for stains, smoothing wrinkles, folding it properly, using natural remedies as fragrances, storing it in a cool, dry place, preventing it from becoming moist by airing it out from time to time, as well as using protective measures. Visiting our website, you will find yourself in a position of choice because we offer a wide array of designer lehengas made from the finest fabrics.

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